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QCPL is a young and dynamic engineering technology company. We are led by a team of highly innovative and expert implementers of BIM as a technology. Our ambition to become a fully BIM compliant organization has paved the way forward in a very unique way. Our ability to be fungible, flexible and scalable has helped our customers achieve their milestones comfortably.

At QCPL, we are firm believers of the fact that Automation and customization is going to lead the way forward in this already autonomous world. Hence, we have invested heavily in offering an automated & parametric solution to our customers. QCPL intends to act as a catalyst for BIM adoption across all stages of a construction lifecycle.”

Our mission is to operate and function as a technology company for the construction industry.

Our Missions

At QCPL, we shall make sure we are the early adopters of newest technology in the industry and support our customers for improving their engineering efficiency.

Our Vision

"We shall maintain highest level of confidentiality and integrity while working with our customers."

Our Values